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What is OCAS?

     OCAS is an online software which has the capability to 1) deconvolute peaks that are closely co-eluted for various GC-MS and LC-MS data and 2) the ability to discover the molecular identity of compounds which are absolutely unknown previously. Our revolutionary algorithm based on chemometrics is the first of its kind and possesses the capabilities to decipher much more information from the existing data generated by the various brands of GC- and LC-MS. What sets us apart from the rest of the software available in the market currently is that we can rapidly and accurately process the entire sample data and provide a complete list of all the chemicals that are contained in the sample. We can even provide an estimation of their individual concentration. Our software is so simple to use that anyone with basic training can use it to obtain the results with just 4 clicks of the mouse button. For compounds that are not recorded in any existing database, we are able to identify the chemical information easily using our software.

4 clicks to results

Our software is developed based on the principle of “Keep It Simple, Stupid” (KISS), that is to provide a simple user experience such that anyone can use our software without much training.

Full Spectrum Analysis

We understand the importance to know the sample composition as fully as possible. Hence, we built our software to be able to generate the entire list of chemicals contained within the sample rapidly and accurately.

Patented Process

Our first-of-a-kind patented algorithm is built on the foundation of chemometrics: mathematical techniques based on statistics and optimization method to find local/global optima of a system and is crystallized from the knowledge of 200+ International Journals on chemometrics related algorithms.

Concentration Profile

Our software is the only one in the world that can give you a good estimate of the concentration profiles of the individual chemical compound in the mixture.

Who Should Use OCAS

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Use OCAS to find out the identity of smallest of the peaks within minutes, which would otherwise take many weeks using the conventional methods.
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Traditional Medicines Companies

Find the complete chemical content of the herbs that you are selling and give your customers the strongest assurance of the quality of herbs that they are buying.
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Pharmaceutical Companies

Use OCAS as the default software to ensure that your pharmaceutical products meet your stringent QA/QC standards.
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Service Providers

Enhance your existing chemical analysis capabilities with OCAS and add greater value to what you are already providing to your customers.


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