September 18, 2016

OCAS Change Log

2017/11/21 Version 2017.89

  1. Change the generate report popup window message to “Progress start to run. Please wait a moment. Report will open in new window, please close the previous report window.”.
2017/11/20 Version 2017.88

  1. Improve NIST Match API for the case of big size msp file.
  2. Fixed the bug that after upload cdf file, if file is not allowed to upload, will delete the file in server.
  3. Improve Set TIC Time function. After choose tic time area and run it, once go back to Reader page, the last time chosed tic time area will display.
  4. Fixed the bug that after upload cdf file, it still display the tic time period of last time chosed. Now after uploaded the cdf file, it will display whole tic time area.
  5. Add comments to explaine how to use config file.
  6. Version number rules changed. Start with Year, then continue with 2 digits version number. For example, “2017.88”.

2017/11/07 Version

  1. Update the UI design of Login Page.
  2. NIST Match API and schedule jobs.
  3. Add Set TIC Time function on Reader Page.
  4. Add upload cdf company check on Reader Page.

2017/10/24 Version

  1. Add reset password function on login page.
  2. UI change on “CDF Reader” page. Add “Customize” Button and hide customize zone.
  3. When go to “Result” page by “Just Run it”. Add VT number check condition and show “semi-automatic” tab.
  4. Change the pdf folder path as in app domain.
  5. Fix the UserDao.GetByUserName bug. When there is no user exist, will throw system error.
  6. Add remote match interface draft version.
  7. Fix the bug that “Gateway time out” issue.

2017/10/06 Version

  1. Add “Just Run it” to Reader Page.
  2. Add Bottom Navigation bottom for ocas operation instruction.
  3. Add “How To Convert CDF” page.
  4. Add download pdf function for “How To Convert CDF” page.
  5. On “Manage Server Files” popup window, double click can load file.
  6. UI change in Reader and Result page.

2017/03/17 Version

  1. Multi-Processing to support Single Task has been released

2017/02/15 Version

  1. Added French and Russian language support to OCAS webpage.
  2. Improved login page, changed logo image, background image, text etc.
  3. Fixed minor bugs: a. TIC Time interval including 10th minute cannot be exported; b. “Start TIC value should bigger than End TIC value” error

2016/11/28 Version

  1. Add tiny login page.
  2. Fix the bug that the report data is not updated if a different peak is calculated again.
  3. Add TIC time in txt file.
  4. Delete the main page.

2016/11/03 Version

  1. Add TotalArea, PeakArea, MSLevel, Polarity global attributes to cdfcpm, cdfcpp.

2016/10/21 Version

  1. Modify the area ratio for Estimate Spectrum chart on result page.

2016/10/25 Version

  1. Modify the auto run function on result page.

2016/10/21 Version

  1. Delete VTNumber textbox for Auto Run on Result page.
  2. Generate concentration text file on report page.

2016/10/20 Version

  1. Delete Upload CDF File button on CDF Reader page.
  2. Fix a bug that the data cannot be exported when setting MZ Range.

2016/10/06 Version

  1. Modify the algorithm of AutoSA.

2016/09/20 Version

  1. Save CPP file by pressing Ctrl+Z on MZCalculation page.
  2. Modify the algorithm of aligning data.

2016/09/18 Version

  1. Change session timeout value and add session timeout check.