August 29, 2016

Agilent GC-MS

Instrument: Agilent GC-MS, Agilent ChemStation with DataAnalysis software

Version: 1.1

1) Open the Agilent GC-MS data reading software (DataAnalysis) and the following screen will appear. Choose “File” from the top menu. Select “Export Data to AIA the format…” from the dropdown menu. The system of help illustrate, the AIA format is the CDF format.

*According to the Agilent User Guide, “Export Data to AIA Format” allows you to save the data in the AIA format, which is equivalent to the CDF format used by our software. The AIA format is the industry standard for the exchange of mass spectral and GC data between the data systems of various manufacturers.

Convert to CDF 1

2) You will receive the following prompt from the system on the export destination. You can choose to 1) Create a New Directory, or 2) Use an Existing Directory to save the exported data. Please select one to proceed.

Convert to CDF 2

3) Once the directory selection is completed, a new dialog box, as follows, will appear. With the button “Change Path” select the directory containing your data “.D”. Next, on the bottom left of the dialog box, you can select the data file(s) which you wish to be exported, and click the button . You can select multiple data to export. Once the selection is complete, click the  button to export the data in AIA format.

Convert to CDF 3

4) The export of the data will be completed. You will see the exported data in .CDF format in the directory which you have selected previously. Upload this file to our OCAS software to kickstart your chemical analysis online.

Convert to CDF 5

—————————- End —————————